"Melted Porshe" Unique sculpture by Adam Ström. - Galleri Scandinavia
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"Melted Porshe" Unique sculpture by Adam Ström.

  • 6 800 SEK


Artikelnummer: 1369

 "Melted Porsche" by the talented Swedish artist, Adam Ström. This stunning sculpture is a masterful fusion of automotive art and abstract expressionism, capturing the essence of metamorphosis and transformation in one awe-inspiring piece.

With meticulous craftsmanship and an artistic vision that pushes boundaries, Adam Ström brings the iconic Porsche to life in a way that challenges our perceptions of reality. The sculpture portrays a Porsche, gracefully melding into a state of partial liquefaction, as if caught in a moment of flux. The sleek lines of the sports car are preserved, yet softened by the artistic touch of molten contours and fluidity.

Painted predominantly in a pristine white hue, the "Melted Porsche" emanates a sense of purity and elegance, while vibrant streaks of color streak across its surface, symbolizing the turbulence of change and the infusion of emotions. The juxtaposition of the melted form against the classic beauty of the Porsche exemplifies the perpetual cycle of evolution, wherein the old gives way to the new, while remnants of the past remain etched in memory.