Robert Benson, färglitografi "Studiojeans", bladstorlek 64 x 90 cm. - Galleri Scandinavia
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Robert Benson, färglitografi "Studiojeans", bladstorlek 64 x 90 cm.

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Robert Benson

(England, 1939 - )

Robert Benson, färglitografi, signerad och numrerad i en upplaga om 188

"Studiojeans", bladstorlek 64 x 90 cm.


Robert Benson

Born 1939 England at it's finest hour, in the green fields of Kent, at the small Elisabethan village of Sandwich (smörgås), surrounded by 24 local pubs: Started to draw at the age of four years for no accountable reason. Moved to London at the age of ten. Was introduced to the Whitechapel Art Gallery and spent the next two years as much as possible in their painting rooms. At twelve and a half years was awarded the Whitechapel Art Award and a full time scholarship on a full time basis at Camberwell Art College. Parents deciding he would never uphold the British Empire in a uniform reluctantly let him attend. Camberwell Art College was at that time one of the only art schools in Europe that could take so young students and offer such facilities as bronzecasting in the sculpture school under Dr Vogel. Pottery, engraving, lithography, fabric design to general drawing, painting with courses on architecture and anatomy with private tutors such as Sir Francis Rose, Michael Rothenstein and The Walmer Castle (local Pub). In the next nine and a half years successfully passed all examinations and awards with the final national diploma of design etc. Also passed working in fairgrounds, circusese, beerfactories etc. Extensively travelled in Europe (on foot). Adopted by the Basques and thrown out by the Guard Civilia.