"Poesia Visual" Etsning av Joan Brossa 56x38 cm - Galleri Scandinavia
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"Poesia Visual" Etsning av Joan Brossa 56x38 cm

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Artikelnummer: k995

Joan Brossa

 Katalansk konstnär (1919-1998)

Titel: "Ingen titel"

Medium: Etsning

Signerad: Ja

Upplaga: 68/100

Storlek: 53x71 cm

Bildmått: 9,5x6 cm

År: 1970


Skick: Fläck, se bild


Joan Brossa  (19 January 1919 – 30 December 1998) was a Catalan poet, playwright, graphic designer and visual artist. He wrote only in the Catalan language. He was one of the founders of both the group and the publication known as Dau-al-Set (1948) and one of the leading early proponents of visual poetry in Catalan literature. Although he was in the vanguard of the post-war poets, He also wrote hundreds of formally perfect sonnets, sapphic odes and sestinas as well as thousands of free and direct poems. His creative work embraced every aspect of the arts: cinema, theatre (more than 360 pieces), music, cabaret, the para-theatrical arts, magic and the circus.